Hailing from New Jersey, Revenant were a technical 4 piece mixing thrash and death metal in the late 80s / early 90’s that made it past the demo stage and managed to put out 1 rather polished and musically accomplished record as well as a handful of EPs and demo recordings and the below featured video clip… I by chance managed to buy the slab of said vinyl back in the 90’s and was blown away by it… Truly legendary stuff from these guys…. They even released their one full length album on a then underground and largely unknown label (Nuclear Blast records) and still managed to avoid any media attention despite being rather well ahead of most of their contemporaries at the time and eventually faded into obscurity. Shame this makes me sad, as the band had a lot to offer!

Their debut album is presented below in all its glory for you guys to enjoy!

And their video Clip:

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