Bloody Sadism
First up, thanks for agreeing to do this interview hope all is good there in Iran for you can you start by telling our readers what your music is about, the concept and a brief history of what you’ve been doing with the band music?

Hello. It is my pleasure to talking to your magazine.
My songs are about Brutality, Humiliation, Misogyny, Pure Violence and Depression.
It is a way of draining the mind.
I formed the band in 2014 by writing some riffs and lyrics and in 2016 began to practice the vocal’s techniques and in 2018 recorded the first album.

What is the hardest part about making this kind of music in Iran? Is there any kind of scene there in Iran?

You know, there is no official scene in Iran so this kind of music is underground and we spend the costs by ourselves and we won’t earn money of it.
The most important thing is money. If you have money, you have everything.

Do you have foreign bands come through to play shows and can you get releases?

Are you kidding me! There isn’t any show, concert or anything else in Iran about Real Metal at all.

Why do you do the music solo as opposed to having a full band?

I’m comfortable to do it all alone. You know, just me and what I want. I’m an Army.

However, I can do everything, why should I do it with others?

Is there potential for the music to evolve into a full band? What music inspired you?

For the Studio and recording, I rather to be alone but for live show maybe I invite two session members but I’ll rather to do shows alone either.
The Songs like “I cum Blood” from “Cannibal Corpse” and “Babykiller” from “Devourment” inspired me.

Who are your favorite musicians?

Trey Azagthoth and Pat O’Brien are my favorite musicians.

What do you see coming up in the future for Bloody Sadism?

I see good events and live shows around the world and next albums.

What are your ultimate goals for the music you make?

I want to Say what I want, do concerts and become popular, Known and famous in the world.

You are signed to a label (or recorded) in Spain… can you tell us how this all came about?

I recorded the album in Iran and signed to Base Record Production label from Spain to release it worldwide.
I was looking for a company to it and between my offers from different labels, I chose Base Record Production.

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