Extinguish the Sun

Extinguish the Sun are something a little different to what we normally review here at Metal Mix Tape. Its not old school metal, not black or death grind… but more an mixture of hard rock / alternate / punk and of course metal, not to say that’s a bad thing, after all variety is the spice of life!


Based out of Illinois, USA, this is Extinguish the Sun’s second release, Musically “Extinguish…” create a trance like soundscapes, with hard rockin’ bases similar to a lot of bands mixed into one. Musically I picked some Iron Maiden / Tool / vibes with epic tunes that fit somewhere in the hard rock / alternate vein. The Vocals are varied and mixed affair as well… sitting between alternate, death core , nu-metal and a few other things all rolled into one….

Mixing so many influences into one release can be a perilous affair as it can come across disjointed and basically appeal to nobody. Extinguish the Sun have managed to do this rather well creating something that is sonically coherent and could really appeal to anybody who appreciates alternate rock / metal and more.

Musically this is fairly accomplished stuff and rather polished. It sounds really professional to my ears, and I had a great time listening to it. The only thing I can say is that you should go check it out for yourself to understand what I’m talking about!

Be sure to check the lads out at www.extinguishthesun.com to check this out for yourself or give them a like on Facebook and keep upto date on what the lads are doing!

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