Memories of a Deadman

Memories of a Deadman are a French doom outfit who have this, their new album available through the Season of Mist records Distro section. I’m a fan of a lot of stuff that comes out of this label so I was confident from the onset this would sound formidable and the label wouldn’t distribute crap.

Stephen Kings Thinner

The production on this release is clear and brings everything forward and all the instruments fit into the mix where they should. I absolutely love the distorted bass sound in the background, it really gives the songs and original vibe. The guitars of course use the heavy doomy distortion but also many reverb soaked mellow moments that really add to the atmosphere of the whole affair. Variation I guess is the key here, there are a lot of sounds on offer and all of them sound good. The vocals range from death to goth to punk and the drummer pins it all down with a slower feel, heavy on the tubs but keeps a great groove. Nobody on this record is letting the team down! The songs themselves range from a slow death metal vibe to a trippy doomy vibe with pretty much everything in between. This is one epic release and I feel it needs to be listen to in its entirety to fully appreciate the massive soundscapes these guys create.So put aside an hour and a half to absorb this one. Maybe even put on at night while you’re lying in bed and listen in darkness…. that’s what I did!

Musically Memories of a Deadman is hard to pin down, I can detect old school death metal influences in there like My Dying Bride, proggier influences like Tool, and even some industrial sounds like Fear Factory and later in the album some operatic vocals which are truly haunting. The sounds, while diverse combine rather well to form a rather coherent sound. Overall I found this to be a rather profession release and I enjoyed listening to it immensely. Anyone with an open mind and of course those who already enjoy the above mentioned bands will also like this. The only way to properly understand how this all fits together is to give it a listen and judge for yourself.

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