Straight Hate

Straight Hate review (again, done by me) was originally featured in AutoEroticAsphixium zine based in New York in Dec 2019

I’ve heard Straight Hate before and even reviewed one of their releases once before. They set a rather high standard for their last release and now the time has come to now review their next album. I have to say, it’s really cool to see a band like this that I really liked last time come back with another really strong release. So strong, I think I like it even better than their last release. For those that don’t know Straight Hate combine a rather addictive mixture of hardcore and grindcore into one brutal metaling pot. Maaaannnnn it feels good to see a band do this stuff so well!

For those that don’t know the lads hail from Poland. Fuck me, these dudes are angry. With the benefit of the modern age Straight Hate have managed to combine the riffage and pummeling drum sound of early Napalm Death (First few albums) with hardcore sensibilities simple riffage and some great break downs and made it sound really good. The crystal clear production means you can hear the riffage and the drumming perfectly and this allows the listener to fully appreciate it.


The songs themselves are no bullshit grind attack. Most songs fall into the 1:30-2:30 minute range so there’s no time for wanky crap. Just straight down to business grind attack here. Delicious riffage with flawless execution is the order of the day on this release. In my humble opinion, there is absolutely nothing bad that can be said about this band. The vocalist reminds me of he original vocalist from Terrorizer.

Once again, this is addictive stuff, and I have to say I got drawn right in to it from the start of this release. I know it sounds like I’m blowing smoke up these dudes ass, but this release really is that good. I would even say it goes beyond being good for the genre its a great metal release full stop whether you like grind or not. Just listen, you won’t be able to deny how good these guys actually are.

All I can do is emplore you to look Straight Hate up and see for yourself!!!!be sure to visit them on their bandcamp page or their Facebook page and don’t forget to keep checking back on for more great reviews and other great content!

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