ETERNAL REST – The Picture of Hatred

Eternal Rest

Eternal Rest are Australian Death metal. I have to confess I haven’t heard of them before. Not sure if they’ve made their way down from Qld (North part of Australia) to my southern parts of Canberra but its always a pleasure to review some fellow country men.

This is a hard one to pigeonhole for review. I will say they don’t come across as “old school” death metal. I’m detecting hints of newer style death metal (more a slam style) and industrial. Id say a lot of the industrial sound might be due to the drum style and the heavily distorted bass.

Despite the fact that I was unaware of the band, it would seem a lot of other people are aware of the band. This is their third release. They’ve scored some big gigs along side ORIGIN, TRIVIUM, CRYPTOPSY and ENSLAVED a while back and then later ENTOMBED AD, CATTLE DECAPITATION and REVOCATION (Amongst others). They have signed up to an American label Deepsend Records and now GORE HOUSE PRODUCTIONS so they obviously have their shit together from both a band and management point of view.

The production work on this album is quite professional (handled by Dan Swano I hear) and the musician ship is tight as all hell. This is one well rehearsed band. While this isn’t my chosen alloy of metal, I can’t listen to this and not give the lads props. The drummer is absolutely phenomenal and the riffmasters behind this are precise and grind you right into the ground. I’d think of this as a combination of Cattle Decapitation and Behemoth.

This is another band that I cannot wish enough good things for. This is a well varied and interesting album. More importantly it holds your attention the whole way through, a hard thing to do. The boys have obviously put in the hard work both on their instruments and behind the scenes and now they’re achieving the results of said work. This album is something the lads should be prould of! It will only be upwards from here for ENTERNAL REST!


Best thing I can say is swing by the bands pages and check them out for yourself and download some gear to get started. They look set to do some even bigger thing in the future 🙂

The lads have a great social media presence too, be sure to check them out on any of the following:
Eternal Rest | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Soundcloud | Tumblir

As always be sure to check out for more cool reviews and other stuff!

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