mattersphere managed to catch up with Mattersphere guitar player Brendon and we thought we’d get the skinny on whats been going on with the lads over the last little while.

You guys have been getting some pretty reasonable to high level support slots lately, hows that feel, and what benefit has it gained for the band?

Yeah man the support spots we have been landing have really been amazing and top shelf! It’s so overwhelming at times, but that’s also the fan boy in me speaking as well lol. To share the stage with some of our idols has been something I never expected…
Has it helped the band? absolutely it has.
Half the shows we are playing these days are offered to us without putting in a submission for both interstate and international tours.

How has preperation / progress been for the follow up to the first Mattersphere album which came out a few years back?

The second album is obviously well and truley over due. But happy to say we have been in the studio with tracks already mixed and mastered.We have played a few new songs live but don’t wanna drop all the new songs till the album is released. We have recently dropped a new single with a lyric video to show people we are very active and can’t wait to complete the album. It is time consuming with all of of us having work and family commitments. So the short answer is yes it’s happening and when it happens we hope sooner rather than later.

Tell us a little about the band the influences that shaped the sound and also about the music that shaped YOUR particular sound would be nice to get a little background on the man behind the music!

Well this is a tough question to answer lol.
We all have different tastes in music and that probably shows in the music we play! I didn’t have any musical input in the 1st album but the first time I heard the debut album I was blown away. The quality of songs, the structure in it had everything I love in metal music.
Mattersphere has elements of so many different styles of music. Rock, jazz, blues, country, classical but all with a metal vibe!
My personal influences are different from Most members of Mattersphere. I learnt the guitar playing along to megadeth, slayer , Metallica, death angel CDs etc.

Will there be any progression or directional change in the sound or what the band is trying to acheive? will your influences alter the sound?

I honestly don’t see a change in the musical direction since joining Mattersphere. If anything we are only going from strength to strength with our song writing. This is the bands longest and strongest line up and we all gel together very nicely. Every one within the group is very satisfied with the current direction. All it takes is coming to a show of ours and you can see for yourself!. We try put on a high energy show on stage every time.
Also I wouldn’t mind adding some more 80s metal influence in future songs.

For any band trying to make a name for themselves from Australia is hard. how have you found this? Any hurdles or strategies that you’ve used to overcome the distance of Australia from the rest of the world?

It’s definitely been very hard in Australia in the underground scene to make a name for ourselves. But I think the internet is both a Bad and good thing.
The modern world Is always changing and you gotta keep up to date with any lead you find. We try to use the internet to our advantage. For example we get a lot of radio AirPlay and feature in many podcasts across the globe. Our music has been picked up and played across most countries including government controlled China.
I reckon one of the most important things I can think the scene needs in Australia is support. It does not matter if your mates band is playing in a shitty tavern or opening for a super star band. Get out there and go to shows and share the music online. There’s so much better music than what a guy with a Porsche a piercing an pony tail flogs you on the mainstream media scene.

You guys have been playin a lot in Canberra (australia) hows the shows been around the other Australian cities you’ve been playing in?

The scene around Australia is pretty good to be honest. It’s a shame so many venues are closing but there’s still a shit load around to play in. Melbourne seems the go to city for live metal music and Sydney is not far behind. I haven’t had the pleasure yet of playing any other capital city but there’s plans in the works for a few here and there. I think the scene is strong but I’d love to see it like I did back in the 90s when i was a teen. So many memories and wild nights.

You’ve been in the band a little while now how was it joining a new band and after a short period of time taking on a lot of their management duties?

Joining a proper band was so excruciatingly nerve wrecking lol. I was a mess for the 2 weeks I had to learn the music. But once I played my first show to a handful of people it was like a drug. All I wanted was to keep Playing. In the first year of playing with mattersphere we started landing top end international support spots.
The management duties are split amongst the group. I do however acknowledge the fact that I handle bookings and some media postings.
The other guys do have there roles. For example mitch fielding our drummer handles all the technical information promoters require like stage plot etc.
Eddie deakin founding member handles financials. Rob catanzarriti also a founding original member handles promotions and financials etc.
I just love finding the shows to play on.

What have been some highlights of your time with the band so far?

Some of my highlights… Where to start?
Sole support for the tea party from Canada at the anu. At a guess few hundred attendees. Marty Friedman from megadeth with his all star band from japan. Artillery from Denmark classic 80s thrash.
I couldn’t give an honest answer. I didn’t see myself doing this interview or playing those shows 2 and a bit years ago. Everything’s a highlight.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer our questions 🙂 Any big plans for the future that you want to announce on metalmixtape?

What do we have coming up? A few shows at the basement in Canberra. Supporting divine ascension. Another supporting thraxas. Metal allegiance festival in Sydney at the factory theatre. Who’s knows maybe another international support or 2 😉

Thanks for the interview metal mix tape. It was fun!

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New single fade away. Enjoy.

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