Ancient Forest


OK, this was my first encounter with the German band ANCIENT FOREST. I have to say this is a very professional effort. The album starts out with a mellow keyboard / clean guitar feel and from the outset you can tell this is going to be a professionally recorded piece of work.

The band is signed to a label Kristallblutrecords and this one came out in 2020, so still pretty recent! Anyway once the music proper starts up this is some quite well played black metal, which to my ears fits in neatly with the first Emporer album and some parts old Anathema. It has that feel where you can listen to this at night and just zone out in the darkness. Another track in and we have a much slower song which still features the droning guitars but some very chilled out slower bits with clean guitars. As the album continues you see lots of droning guitars mixed in keys and broken up by these clean guitar parts. Some great black metal riffage all through out the album. The drummer doesn’t feel the need to blast the whole way through proceedings which is great. He’s got a natural feel, and allows the slower bits to breathe, then … “BAM!” back into it for the more intense parts. ANCIENT FOREST have succeeded in blending in a few different influences into their brand of black metal and it really takes the listener on a journey!

Overall this is a really cool release and I had a great time listening to it. The release is limited to 99 copies. Which is a shame. Some good marketing behind this and the band could really sell a lot more copies of this than that! I hope they re-press this! I’m going to follow up on this band and hopefully get some more info about them out and about! Well Done lads!

Be sure to check out the album on You Tube It’s a killer!

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