AULD – Of Petrichor and I (EP review)

NOTE: I should preface this review and let readers know I know the band personally and have even played shows with all of the members throughout the years in other projects. They are great guys of course, but that isn’t going to earn them any favours in the Metal Mix Tape review grinder!

Now down to business, Auld are Australian based (Canberra) black metal. This is their first EP, I’ve seen the band play live before and was suitably impressed. I said before I know the lads, I knew the sound and knew what to expect. Basically this EP was always going to be pretty decent from the outset. The guys have all been around in other Canberra bands for years, so we’re definitely not dealing with amatures here! This release has been made possible by one of the local labels, Eschatonic Records who’ve taken a huge stand with the local metal scene. This being the first in a new wave of local metal releases!

Auld play a kind of melodic black metal which tends to cover most of the bases of modern black metal. The musicianship is great, I’d call this a kind of mid paced affair with lots of tasty riffage so and some great melodic parts which have a kind of Celtic / folky feel to it. The drumming has a great feel too and doesn’t smother the music with overplaying. This makes the whole affair rather easy to listen to.

Auld aren’t doing anything groundbreakingly new but what they do they do rather well. Sometimes you don’t want anything new, this is just great black metal with a more modern and melodic tinge to it. And most importantly it has been executed rather well. This is a genuinely cool listen. It’s only 3 songs, but hey, that’s cool. The songs are longish, and the EP takes you on a mini journey of sorts. The great thing about this EP is that it never really looses focus or gets boring. I personally would love to hear more from these lads and I think its got some great future potential!

Anyway hopefully we’ll get an interview with one of the lads real soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Best thing to do is not take my word for it, but visit their Bandcamp page and hear the songs for yourself or visit the Facebook page and give them a like!

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