Bloody Sadism

Bloody Sadism are a one man grind outfit operating out of Iran, the brainchild of one Pooyan Ahmadi who does all the guitars, vocals and drum arrangements for this release.

Bloody Sadism as you might have guessed are Grind / Slam metal … I’m going to be honest and say that while he’s not doing anything outstandingly original he’s adding a different touch to the genre by incorporating some more doomy flavours to the mix (at least that’s how it sounds to my ears anyway). Some of it comes across a bit like Mortician and maybe some Incantation and Cannibal Corpse mixed in with the usual other grind type influences.

Whilst this isn’t going to turn the genre on its head Pooyan has done a great job in creating some instantly likeable grind and the songs are very down tuned riff orientated with the mixing being handled rather well. The drums are full on in parts as is usual with the programmed drums in a lot of grind bands but there’s some nice slower bits and variation so they don’t over power the guitars or make the music descent into slop. Everything is given a chance breathe a little which is a great thing whilst still maintaining that grind sound. Pooyans vocals are deep and guttural and have that “draining sink” sound with some “pig squeals” which keeps the frequencies varied and makes everything quite interesting. The guitars sound great with clear production and lots of nice artificial harmonics, and the bass interludes have a tasty distorted sound which (Which I personally really like). I don’t have a copy of the lyrics but the song titles suggest the usual depravity that goes along with this genre of music

Overall I’m going to say this is a great bit of fun and a heavy as hell release. It really carries some weight behind it. I really enjoyed listening to it. The production on this also lifts it above a lot of the stock standard of grind releases so I was thankful for that. I think Pooyan has some great things ahead of him if he sticks to his music not only in the grind field but the wider death metal field as well.

Be sure to check out the Bloody Sadism Band Camp Page and download their tunes or visit the lads on Facebook and give them a like or a share!

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