carcass torn arteries

We’re now living in 2021. That’s 30 years after I first fell in love with Carcass. I had only just discovered death metal at the time and Carcass / Obituary / Morbid Angel and Deicide were at the forefront of the movement.

After a lengthy hiatus from the scene following the brain injury of their long time drummer Ken Owens Carcass returned with the most triumphant “Surgical Steel” release. This release single handedly boosted my faith in metal when it came out. 8 years later the lads have come through with the goods again with their new release “Torn Ateries”.

Torn Arteries combines everything you have probably come to love about Carcass, no matter which era of their work you grew up listening (except perhaps the first album, which I consider to be more of a demo). The musicianship is superb, the production is immaculate in the way that it puts across all aspects of a band that have evolved and in their own way defined much of what death metal is today. Their earlier muddier tones are present in the rhythm guitar tones, the vocals have that earlier multilayered feel which I feel that Carcass pioneered (and along with Deicide perfected)… and lordy the clean and crisp solos that punctuate the album are any guitar players dream for both their tone and the feeling and guitar prowess with which they are played. The drums follow the tried and true tested Carcass formula tho I have to say this new guy is probably a step up from Owens in terms of ability and precision.

Put simply, one cannot fault Carcass on this release. It is different enough to keep it interesting from their last one, but still smells like the Carcass we all know and love. I love nothing better when one of the old guard of death metal steps up and shows the world how its done one more time and Carcass have done exactly that.

The album itself is readily streamable on Youtube so go give it a listen. If you’ve ever liked Carcass, you will not be dissapointed. I’ll be putting in an order for this one next paycheck for sure!

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