Chaos Over Cosmos

I really enjoyed Chaos over Cosmos’ last album. It was a sort of atmospheric affair with a decent amount of shred and melodic death metal layered in there and invoked a dream like state when listened to. This time they’ve probably pushed that angle a little more. Hard to say which I like better as they are both great sounds which really suit the band. The vocals seem pushed a little further back in the mix this time round. They are great vocals but this does allow the music to take centre stage.

Once again the musical chops on this release are amazing! I can’t really fault these people with anything on here. Really its just down to whether you like this kind of music or not! For lack of anything better to compare this release to I’d say musically this fits somewhere near Rammstien, if you could imagine them with shred and black metal overtones. Its got headbanging rhythm that you can kind of dance to or bop along whatever your choice may be. Overall I think it gives the songs more of an identity and focus for each track. The vocals remind me of the Gathering and there’s some black metal sounding stuff going on too which with the diversity of the flavours thrown in there really make this release quite unique!

The drums are sharp, hammering, precise and machine like. The crystal clear production on all instruments allow this groups talents to really shine through. There’s some amazing sweep picking on display here too with further nails down how good these guys actually are. The guitar tone is tight as all hell too, there’s no messy frequencies here either.

Overall this is a excellent listen. It’s another hard one to review as there’s so many diverse things going on so all I can say is give this one a listen yourself!

Also be sure to check out Chaos over Cosmos last release here and hook up with the lads on social media Facebook or stream their release on Band Camp

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