Chaos over Cosmos

Well this Chaos Over Cosmos EP was certainly a cool little treat for the night… Immediately on pressing play its obvious were dealing with some highly skilled musicians here. Most obvious is the high level of precision of which the guitar playing is executed, razor sharp riffing combined with some great tapping and melodic solos… As far as guitar styles go I’d put this in with melodic death metal and even go so far as to say in the same style of shred greats like Marty Friedman and Steve Vai, with mixtures of “Animals As Leaders” thrown in. with vocals that move between death metal and nu-metal / prog.

One interesting thing about Chaos Over cosmos is that its not a live band and nor have the two main musicians even met each other in person, one of them hailing from Australia, and the other from Poland. What they’ve achieved is absolutely astounding. This is a very coherent sounding release more so than many bands that rehearse regularly and tour constantly.

Lyrically its a bit hard to tell what’s going on but from what I understand there’s a huge influence from Issac Asimov the Sci-fi writer that runs through the music and lyrics and indeed even the music sounds pretty spacey with some excellently layered keyboards metered through out the 3 tracks here. If you like techie / proggie / newer style death metal this is something you should defs check out. Well really whatever style of metal you like im sure you won’t be able to help but be impressed by this!

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