Well, this is a strange one. I’d never heard Choronazon before so his was something new. Choronazon combine old-school black metal with techno-industrial sounds. Not only this, but they seem to be a more multimedia experience than “just a band”. The band combines music and some rather tripped out video visuals to their songs. In the coming months the final release will also feature a comic along with each song. Musically speaking it’s just as multifaceted. This is a strange combination at first and I have to admit this took me a couple of songs to adjust my ears and be able to comprehend it so to speak. On a second attempt, I got a lot more out of this. Upon a second listen this combines a lot more than that, I picked some sweet stoner vibes and some rather ambient guitar solos.

Overall I had to say I enjoyed it. This wouldn’t normally be my thing (im a pretty straight down-the-line bullet belt-wearing metal guy) but I’m glad I gave this a go. Overall the songs are quite varied some have a more organic feel and some colder and more mechanical. Choronozon do succeed in creating a pretty dark atmosphere tho, and this is another one that is great to listen to in the dark.

Be sure to check the lads out on their official site | Facebook and on Bandcamp and listen and judge for youself!

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