CLARITY OF CHAOS – JAMIE SPEAKS (Interview with Jamie)

Clarity of Chaos
METAL MIX TAPE was lucky enough to catch up with CLARITY OF CHAOS singer Jamie so we got the skinny on whats going on with their new album and all things CLARITY related!

First up the new record sounds killer congrats on a great sound …. would you like to tell us a bit about the recording process and how it all came together?

We were lucky on how recording came about. We were approached by Jack Buchanan at our 2nd gig to come down to The Studio and record our album with David Pendragon and Jack when we were ready . 1 year passed and were finally ready to go in and record. After a couple of meetings we locked in some dates to start and went from there

Can you tell us a little about the people involved in the band and what they’re influences are and how it all combines to make the CoC sound?

Darren Mead (drums) and myself James Dohm (vocals) had been in bands prior, and I decided to start something new and had mentioned it to Darren if he would be keen to start something new. With a unconfirmed yes I proceeded to look for guitarists and heard of a guy Timothy Whalan through work. One phone call later we chatted and Tim was keen to do something like Lamb of God . With my love for Killswitch Engage and older Fear factory heavy clean vocals we started playing on some riffs Tim had come up with. Tim was quick to bring in a mate on guitar Toby Lagan. Toby brought a Slayer/ Metallica / Megadeth edge into where we were going. Both Tim and Toby blended so well together. With this I went back to Darren and he came in and rearranged songs, Last thing was a bass player and at a mutual friends wedding I was at a table with Kris Farrant from Reign of Terror and told him about the band and he was keen for a jam . From there all was history.

What kind of stuff inspires you guys? (ie: lyrically, musically, direction wise)

We have so many influences going on in Clarity. Kreator, Slayer, Machine Head,Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage plus so many more to mention. We basically set out to play what we wanted and what sounded good to us.

What was the hardest part of getting it all together?

Nothing to hard to get the band together other than finding a time where we can all get together at the same time to jam . With everyone in full time jobs, some with families and some with shift work does take a bit of manoeuvring to make it happen.

What was the best part of the recording process?

Well as we all know studio work can be a bit tough. To finally hear what you’ve worked so hard to achieve is always the best. Darren started us of in style 10 songs in 1 sitting , basically all drums in 6 hours.

How do you think the recorded versions of your songs compare to the live versions of what the punters have been hearing?

We were very lucky that we chose a studio where we could work with David Pendragon (40 yrs experience) and young wiz Jack Buchanan who quickly became a major part of our band . They both came to rehearsals and gigs prior to recording and Jack even did sound at one of our shows. With this in mind we all came to the same idea of capturing a more live sound rather than a wet over produced sound. So you will basically hear on CD what you will hear at a show without a huge pa system

Now that the record is done and about to come out what are the plans for the band from here? Ie: Touring / releasing the stuff digitally / etc…

Now its all done , we are planning an Australian tour and if all goes well a trip to Japan for some shows Thanks to all the bands we’ve gigged with, our loving families and all who have been to our shows . Without this it would never have happened. Cheers from me and all of Clarity of Chaos.

Also be sure to check the guys out on their FACEBOOK PAGE and give them a like so you can keep up to date with what the band is doing next!

Also keep a look out for the lads launching their album online from 1st May 2019 on most major platforms or if you’re lucky enough to see them live make sure you grab a copy of the disc off them!

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