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It was with great anticipation that I loaded up the new Clarity of Chaos disc for a spin. Clarity of Chaos are a 5 peice unit that have been gigging around their home town of Canberra for a bit over a year now and blowing away audiences with their brand of old school thrash and technical skills. Having seen the band a few times before, I already knew it was going to be a disc I would enjoy listening to and really the only question was ”Would it stand up to the live performances?” I have to give it a resounding ”Yes!”.

This is basically the live set the guys do encoded on a disc you can take home and listen to in the comfort of your own home. The lads have worked hard on this one and it shows, and they’ve come out with a well produced and professional sounding effort. Musically this sits pretty close to bands like Testament (mid era) in a bottom heavy groove oriented thrash vein, but on repeated listens I’ll also say (particularly in the vocal delivery) I can hear some Machine Head and maybe Kyuss. The previous comment of Testament being the major influence would probably ring true for most but theres a few different influences in there that combine to make this something a little more unique rather than just a homage (rip off) to a band that undoubtably would have influenced the lads. Overall I think the guys have done quite well and produced a full length album that has roots in 80s era thrash but moves enough with the times and the varied songwriting contained within that the album never gets boring. Hopefully this will appeal to a wider audience than just 80’s metal throw backs

Anyway best I can say is do yourself a favour and hook up with the guys on facebook HERE and get yourself a copy! Also be sure to check the guys on the web at Clarity of Chaos official website

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