Day of Doom

Day of Doom are a death metal band based out of New York. They’ve been kicking around since 1999 releasing a few demo’s, and subsequent CDs. Like many bands the band has had a few lineup changes which probably hindered them from achieving their true potential. They pushed on regardless and managed to get signed to a label and support many of the bigger names in and around the American scene like Deicide, Suffocation, Ripping Corpse and Broken hope whilst gaining a good name for themselves in the NY scene and the larger US scene. and here we are at 2020 with their 2019 released 5th studio album “Epitaph of the Dark Lord”

It’s been a while since I last did anything on this site (almost 2 months) but this was a great one to come back in on!

Proceedings started off in a slow grinding fashion with the opening track which set a great mood. Once the second song kicks in, shit starts to get real. Day of Doom show some good tech skills and produce a tight sounding display of death metal. Make no mistake, this is old school death metal. It would appeal to fans of Incantation, Solstice and old Ripping Corpse etc that came out of their area in the late 90’s… Whilst they do wear the New York Death Metal heritage proudly, this doesn’t sound dated. Just old school.

Musically there’s some cool bits and interludes to break it up and keep things interesting, but really we’re here for the death metal and these dudes do a pretty good job of it. They mix it up well and the production is quite good too meaning that everything comes through quite well and is audible. The individual members all seem to be pretty good at what they do. The drums are heavy but not ridiculously full on. Meaning the drums don’t smother everything. The guitars are heavy with some good interludes and solos to break everything up. Not bad melodic control on the lead guitar work either! Overall pretty happy with this!

Make sure you check the lads out on facebook and on Bandcamp where you can hear the band for yourself and maybe even buy a copy! For bookings contact Kaspearia Management!

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