Final Coil - photo by Ester Segarra

I have to admit this isn’t the normal kind of thing I listen to, but I do have to say I enjoyed it! I had never heard of the English three piece Final Coil before getting this one come across my path but I have to say I’m quite impressed with what this band has done.

Musically (well to my ears anyway) it sounds like something fans of Tool and Alice in Chains with liberal lashings of prog rock influences to create something quite cohesively heavy with bottom heavy guitars underlaying the music, and some trippy lead guitars overlaying not too dissimilar to the way Pink Floyd do things with their long drawn out leads. To me it has a rather stonerish vibe but some may disagree and see more in the 90s grunge post metal scene. One thing I’m really into is how clean and clear the bass playing sounds it really adds another dimension to the music, and the drumming suits the music perfectly, not overplaying but punctuating everything brilliantly

As a whole album this is very easy to listen to the release is VERY professionally recorded and sonically, it sounds amazing…. Anyway it seems I’m not the only one that sees value in this band, as this, their second album has already got them signed again to WORMHOLEDEATH records and the band seem to be going from strength to strength getting some some pretty decent festivals… really the only thing I can do is recommend you check the band out for yourself and ‘like’ them on their facebook page so you can say you were one of the old school fans and of course keep up with what this brilliant three peice is upto next!

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