GRAVESPAWN – The Elder Darkness (Album review)


Ok, here we go with the new Gravespawn release. Gravespawn are a one man project from California, USA, the brainchild of one Reaver. Formed in 2003 this guy is no newbie to the scene. Upon initial listen its obvious this guy can play his instruments and I have to say he does a good job of putting it all together. From a one man persepective it must be hard to write coherent music that sits well with drums, guitars, keys and vocals. So my hats off to this guy!

I have to say this guy is not doing anything particularly new. Not to say its not good, its actually really cool! As I’ve said before with other reviews sometimes you just want a straight ahead slab of metal that fits nicely into your chosen genre of metal. If you like Black Metal this will be it for you. Especially since many of the genre leaders don’t really play this stuff anymore.

Think EPIC, with grandiose keyboards and some pretty hammering drums and the buzzsaw guitars we all love. It it is quite melodic and has a middle ages melodic feel to the music, which sets it above a lot of the mediocre stuff out there. Gravespawn takes from a variety of sources including bands like Bathory, earlier period Emporer, Marduk and many others of the more “true” but melodic and skilled of the black metal variety. Some excellent pedigree here

The sound itself is fairly raw but well enough produced that everything comes through. I think it sits well. Overall I have no major complaints with this and i’ll say I really enjoyed it. I had a great time listening to this and it really does take you on a journey back in time. If you yearn for the days of “Nightside Eclipse” Emporer and old school black metal this is definitely one you will enjoy! NOTE: There is a killer cover of Slayers “Die by the Sword” at the end of this one as well which adds some nice touches to the classic track!


If you want to check the band out on Facebook or BandCamp You will not be disappointed!

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