GUNGNIR – Ragnarok EP


Gungnir featuring prolific Greek musician Nick Yngwie have released a short but sweet little EP called Ragnarok. The obviously viking styled metal is to some degree intended to recreate the more epic stylings of Bathory. Featuring Nick on guitar, drums and vocals and Jim on guitars bass and keys this is some cool gear. This tape was originally released in 2018 but I’d missed it then so what better time to give this stuff a review now?

Anyway on to the music. This contains an intro, three tracks proper and an outro. I have to say it really does conjure back the old days of “Blood on Ice” and “Blood Fire Death” to some degree but this also does show a lot of the second wave of 90’s black metal as well. One thing that did worry me is that I thought it might be a bit of a 2nd rate bathory tribute but upon hearing it its original enough to stand on its own with spirit of Quorthorn standing behind in watch! For reference, I also detect a fair bit of Amon Amarth sound in this as well. The two mix well!

Production wise this is all there. Its not a clean mega studio mix but everything comes through well and its not swamped in noise. For the musical style the production fits quite well. Musically its all there too. Everything Nick has a part in seems to be pretty good and this is no exception. I enjoyed this short little release and will definitely be giving it another spin! Defs worth checking it out after you return from your next pillaging mission!

Check out gungnir on Bandcamp and on Facebook! I’ll be keeping a close watch on these guys!

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