impaled nazarene

Well its been a while since I listened to Impaled Nazarene! In a world of progression sometimes its good to see things staying the same. Its great to see a band that doesn’t give a f–k about trends. IN just do what they do, and they do it bloody well. IN have been a staple in the underground scene now for over 30 years. They are one of the most uncompromising bands ever. It’s a glorious thing!

As a teenager I remember buying the early 7 inch record “Satanic Masowhore” then “Tol Compt Norz, Norz, Norz” and “Ugra Karma” and being blown away with how evil that shit was at the time. A few years later my own band actually opened for them (but that’s another story). I’ve bought a few albums since then and been impressed every time. Now to see what this one has in store for us.

This one seems to have an edge not dissimilar to “Tol Compt Norz” era but much cleaner in regards to recording. The riffage is much better and the songs are longer and feel more like complete songs than just the short blasts of evil (although Implaed Naz always did this rather well) that “Tol Compt…” was famous for. It seems to go between the harder of their black metal stuff with plenty of their blast beats stuff and then busts out their middle period motorhead sounding stuff. Absolutely no complaints here with that either. It gives the recording a lot of variation as a whole and makes it much more interesting to listen to. There’s some nods to Slayer and Venom in here and one song closer to the end that reminds me of Bathory.

The verdict

Overall this is a well varied and interesting release. More importantly for those into this stuff its an absolute pleasure to listen to and a much needed adrenalin shot for black metal in general! Like some other classic albums (Deicide – Legion and Slayer – Reign in Blood) it only has a duration of a 32 minutes, but its short, sweet and intense. This really packs a punch. I can only recommend you go out and get this one from the good folk at Osmose Records or your local metal merchant if anyone is stocking this one. This release has actually renewed my faith in black metal. Hail Impaled Nazarene!

To get this for yourself head over to either Osmose Records SHOP or their BandCamp page and have a listen. Once you do, I’m sure you’ll want it!

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