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Despite the fact I’ve called this an album review, it is fact an EP review. This is the promo release for long time Canberra (Australia) exponents of extreme tech grind band Inhuman Remnants who started kicking it sometime around 2011.

I’ve always thought Inhuman Remnants were pretty cool and I’ve followed their past exploits with some interest so was keen to see what the band spat out this time. Solipsis is the bands third release, whilst only being a fairly short release consisting of one intro and one song proper, and then a nightmare like outro, this has a lot of stuff going on within the record. For my money its their most varied release from the band to date. I found the slower parts to remind me a little of Incantation, while the faster bits are flat out grind with the pedal to the metal!

Lots of guitar sweep picking, angular riffage that defies logic and machine like drumming (which I know is a human because I’ve seen them play a few times) and some unholy vocals that could have only originated from the bowels of some festering cess pit will keep the grinders and other metal musicians listening with keen interest!

For my money this one displays a more mature songwriting and song crafting ethic, meaning grind fans will love it but other more mainstream metal fans (like myself) will also be able to appreciate this too. Another factor in this one possibly appealing to more than just grind-heads is the clean and responsive production. Everything on this record comes through clearly and you can hear how good the boys really are, something which can get lost on many recordings from bands of this extremity.

I’m not sure if this is a commercially available release or just for promo purposes but either way its a great little release and a serves as a great teaser for the ever drooling hordes of fans of the band for when Inhuman Remanants decide to release their next record! It is available on the bands Band Camp and if you like what you hear I strongly suggest you go backwards and check out their other stuff and as always give the lads a like on Facebook or subscribe on You Tube

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