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Juha Jyrkäs- Sydämeni kuusipuulle album review

Well then this is certainly an interesting one! Juha Jyrkäs plays a traditional brand of Finnish Folk metal. What seperates this from the pack is the fact that he doesn’t use any of the guitars and basses traditionally associated with Heavy Metal. He uses a traditional Finnish instrument known as a Kantele. He has however electrified that kantele and uses bass kantele for the lower frequency parts.

The music is sung and narrated in Finnish so its hard to understand what exactly is going on for those that don’t speak the language. The Finnish language has an interesting texture and compliments the music nicely. Words aside his use of the language creates an air of mystery / mythology in the proceedings. I don’t understand a thing but his voice is saying but he does get that imagery across in a way that language can’t. The music reminds me of the folkier aspects of Bathory for lack of anything else to compare this to. Straying away from the Metal genre norms has meant that Juha has created something unique. Almost otherworldly.

A record like this does not happen by accident. Juha is a skilled musician and lyrical composer. Playing solo shows around Finland and neighbouring countries since 2008 he has earned his stripes. Even writing some of the Finnish lyrics for Korpiklanni from 2006-2012. So his esteem in Finnish scene would be high.

This is a great listen for anyone interested in the folk metal genre, and should appeal to most metal heads, as I think it does punch above the genre-appeal. Overall this album is a great listen and fun to lie in bed at night and get taken away on a journey through Juha’s homeland mythology.

Do yourself a favour and check Juha Jyrkäs out. You can get it through Italian label Earth and Sky Productions or from Juha’s Bandcamp page. You will enjoy!


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