LAMORI – NEO NOIR (Album review)


From initial listen to Lamori’s debut album to the end, this one professional release. It sounds great and Lamori have a great sound which should appeal to a lot of people. Again its not the bullet belt crowd which will appreciate this the most its more the mid period Paradise Lost / Anathema / My Dying Bride gothic / metal / dark rock crossover bunch that I think this will resonate with.

IF this sounds like the deal for you then you’re in for a very pleasant ride with this recording. The music is rather well crafted and sounds immaculate. Layers of guitars and key boards feature up front creating some very rick textures which are just ear candy all round. The drums keep solid time and sit well without overpowering things. They keep a rockin’ and upbeat drive which allows everything to breathe. Vocally the singer sounds like a mix between Paradise Lost and Tiamat id say both in mid period era’s. Their press kit also lists their influences and Sisters of Mercy get a mention. I did not initially pick but now I listen to it I can hear a lot of this.

Overall I have to say this was definitely the pick of the music that came my way over the week. it is rather enjoyable and I could see myself grooving out to this in a nightclub or just lying alone (or with someone special) in the darkness. I’ve included a video clip below this review for you guys to check out, if you like this song you’ll basically like the album. Overall its a consistent and strong album all the way through with no dud tracks.


Lamori formed in 2009 in Finland. That same year they played the Bestun Open Air festival. 2011 marked the release of their first demo CD and next up first album in 2013. Their next album in 2016 was released by label “Wormholedeath” records. Fast forward to late January 2020 and we have this current album (Neo Noir) with four video clips from the album pushing a rather professional front for the band! Let’s hope it all goes well for them because they seem to be onto something really good!


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