Lyfordeath – Heritage Single review

Lyfordeath hail from Portugal, they’ve been around a while and have released a series of singles “Emissiary of Death” in 2013 and “Silencio”and “Satan” in 2016 and then their first full length album in 2018, and now this single, Heritage in 2020.

I listened to Heritage and I have to say I was rather impressed. This is a band that has some great chops. The single had a great doomy atmosphere and brought to mind a mix of Cradle of Filth and Rotting Christ to my ears. Kind of like a symphonic / death metal cross over. This some epic stuff! Some rather furious drumming ( kicks and blasts) under pinned by Great riffage, epic keys and backing female vocals and the death metal vocals work brilliantly over the top of everything. I guess as far as a single goes this shows off all aspects of the band rather well. All I can do is recommend you head over to the bands Bandcamp page and check them out, if the above stuff appeals to you this is some quality gear.

Lyfordeath – Nulleus in Verba Album Review

It’s hard to gain a thorough understanding of a band from a one track single. Lyfordeath really struck a chord with me, so I decided to go back through their full length album and give that a listen as well. Their previous album is a slightly different affair. I found it interesting to hear more of their material as it really opened up the bands sound for me. This was recorded a couple of years before the single. Lyfordeath are playing a kind of death metal that combines off time grooves and some very chunky guitars in this one. I quite like both these releases. It reminds me a little of Vader and in some parts Rotting Christ if you can imagine that. Especially in the vocal department. Its a lot more varied than Vader though.

There are some cool melodic parts where the guitars make great use of chordal melodies and slower chug bits to break things up. The band interlace this this keyboards and it works rather well. The Drums make use of some strange timings which keeps the listeners on their toes but doesn’t overplay the parts meaning you can still hear what’s going on really well. Deeper into the album there are some great doomy parts that really resonate well when listened to in darkness.

Over all their sound works rather well. Both the full length and single are an enjoyable and varied listen the whole way through. They manage to create some great moods and darker overtones as well as the crushing brutality. These guys have really mastered the art of the music they have tried to create. The recording and mixing on both the album and single have also been been executed quite well. This would not have been a simple album to mix and the lads have done themselves proud with this one too. Defs listen to the new single but do yourself a favour and go back on the album as well!

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