MADMESS (ep review)


Madmess are a Portugese Doom / Stoner Rock outfit who’ve just finisehd their debut recording. They currently reside in London and have signed with Drone Rock Records. The lads sent us a copy to see what we think ahead of the album launch in the next couple of weeks.

The music itself is a like a more psychadelic version of Kyuss with great big bottom end that is full of beef. Nice distorted bass and over the top a more ‘free form’ type of guitar that I guess for lack of anything better to compare it to reminds me of Hendrix / Sabbath. The leads are kinda shreddy in parts and mix it up with some great blues chops and bendy / wah type stuff. You can’t help but love it! The drums hang back there in the back ground and really underpin everything nicely, there’s no overplaying. Its all about the co-hesiveness of the songs here. There’s no vocals on this release so this is purely instrumental stuff and boy does it take you on a journey!

The songs are lengthy as well so this gives the tunes a chance to develop and evolve as well. Only four songs on this release but the overall running time puts this into a full length release territory with a running time of over 30 mins. Overall I have to say the job Madmess have done is rather professional and sounds immaculate. The recording and presentation is stellar. If this type of music is your jam (or even if you’re just a casual listener) all I can say is give this a listen… Its 30 minutes you will really enjoy and get taken away by!

Be sure to check the lads out on Bandcamp and on Facebook and show some support! You can get his heavy slab of rock on digital or vinyl formats from the above links!

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