Metal Mix Tape

Ok, we’re going to give this Metal Mix Tape Mp3 Idea another run! Feel free to send us anything you want to have featured on the site, normal 128kb mp3 files will do just fine.

Also be sure to let us know if you want your song streaming, available for download, or both.

The site is getting some pretty serious hits. 200-300 per day most days. This means your songs will get some attention. It may probably wont change your life or your career but it will be something. best of all, its all free! The downloadable compilations will be pushed far and wide as well!

Also feel free to promote! The more you help this site, the more you help your fellow metal bands. The more you help yourself by default! You can’t loose. Your songs remain your property so if you want it taken down just get back in touch with us and we’ll oblige!

If you want to be involved in the Metal Mix Tape Mp3 section go to the metal mix tape Facebook page and drop us an inbox. Be sure to send a link to a downloadable version of your song!

Keep checking back for more info as it happens at on a regular basis!

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