Metallica S & M 2

Metallica S & M 2

It was great anticipation and me my friends went to see the new Metallica movie at the cinema … Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original S & M release this one had some big shoes to fill, and lets just say that a couple of us were a little pissed at the lads for cancelling the Australian tour.

I didn’t manage to see the original S & M at the movies, but I have to say this one seemed much more interactive between the band and the orchestra. There may have been subtleties I missed in the original having only seen it at home but this one seemed to really breathe more. The band fired much better with the symphony where as before it felt more like a backing track to Metallica.

The track listing was curious opting for a lot of newer material from post Black Album eras after the initial 2 songs from “Ride the Lightning”. This pissed off at least one of us who walked out hahah. This may be harder for the original thrash-head metallica fans from “Justice” Era and before to digest but if you can put that aside the newer tracks really had a lot of space and dynamics for the symphony to shine through. And shine through they did!

For my money I didn’t want to see just a re-hash of the original S & M where they used the same track list but just looked 20 years older, and thankfully they played a lot of different / newer tracks and some very touching moments with “All within my hands” played acoustically (I never liked that song originally) and James singing sans guitar on “Unforgiven 3″… Magic stuff indeed!

Towards the end of the set the classics came belting out and they were done in fine form too …. over all I can’t complain and it was great to see it down the local cinema since the band wont be heading here anytime soon. One word of warning, I do think you need an open mind to appreciate this as its not a “thrash metal” show its more of a re-working of metallicas more melodic numbers.

I would defs recommend Metallica S & M 2! … Plus you can take your kids to see if without re-mortgaging the house like you would to see them live!

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