Metal United World Wide

Metal United World Wide 2019

Well, this is certainly a cool little idea… Well not so little infact it’s getting rather big!

This Weekend sees Metal United World Wide putting on shows under the one banner around the world on the same date. It gives hundreds of bands a chance to play and get exposure on a global scale as well as promoting global metal unity!

I remember promotor Michael putting this together a few years back under the banner Metal United Australia with the idea of putting on simultaneous metal shows across the nation and the idea worked a treat and last year the event expanded over seas encompassing a total of 61 gigs, 440 bands and 41 nations

This year is set to be even bigger with bands teaming up again this weekend for a noise that the world will feel! Make sure you head over to facebook and follow this page so you can find out what gigs are going on in your area this weekend! … I find it really interesting and cool how something like this has grown and been embraced around the world. Well done mate!


Reggae from Reign Of Terror

Hi I am Reggae and I live in Canberra, Australia and I have a metal band called Reign of Terror. I created Metal Mix Tape as a place to provide cool metal info for metalheads and to help anyone who wants to start their own metal band.

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