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Mission Jupiter a five piece band formed in 2015 based in Belarus. They describe themselves as “Alternative Dream Rock” which puts them in a categrory of being one of the lighter end of bands we’ve review for this blog but there’s a lot in this that metalheads would appreciate.

Upon initial listen I was rather impressed with song writing and presentation of this release. It is very well recorded and on par with any major release as far as sound quality goes. Musically I’d put this as like a mellower version of “The Gathering” in fact vocalist Nastia sounds remarkably like the first Gathering singer Anneke Van Geirsbergen which is always a good thing!

Musically the band are on point as well there’s some chunky heavier guitar parts similar to what you’d find on a Lacuna Coil or The Gathering album and some really nice mellower parts relying on melody, feel and great technique. The bass player keeps a great pulse beat which reminds me a little of Pink Floyd and there’s even some saxophone and some very rich sounding keyboards / piano parts.

This is a full length album and the band have done themselves proud, this may not be the thing to listen to when you’re in the mood for thrash metal but if you’re keen on a chillout session or just want to fall asleep with some trippy night time music this is just the ticket . Some great tunes here with a heavier edge this is absolutely brilliant, the band can really be proud of this effort.

Overall I really enjoyed listening to this album, and I really hope it pushes this great band into the next level. With the musical abilities of this band and lead singer Nastia’s gorgeous voice, I could really see this group gain mainstream success with this sound. \m/

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