Naica Delana Est

Naica are a tech / death grind band from Mexico, they were cool enough to send me a copy of their album to review. I haven’t kept up with the newer styles of this kind of music so its hard for me to compare them to anything but they do what they do rather well.

These guys have some amazing technical chops, brutal razor wire sharp riffage which just hits like a sledge hammer to the head, with some great arpeggios and sweep picked leads over the top of proceedings. The drumming is just other worldly. I initially thought they must use a drum machine but on further investigation checked out their you tube page and it would appear to be a living breathing person behind the kit. His performance however is inhuman!

The songs are short sweet and to the point. As individual songs they never get boring. Later on in the piece there’s a song “Event Horizon” which also features some symphonic style keyboards and really adds another dimension.

Production wise this is really cool. All the instruments come through clearly which is hard for many indie bands to achieve a sound so good with material so extreme, but this is also a pleasure to listen to. Every note cuts through well

If you’re a fan of tech death metal all I can say is go check this out and give the lads a like on their facebook page, they’ve really created something special with this one, and I think everyone reading this could do a lot worse than checking these lads out!

Check the lads out on facebook NAICA on facebook or go check out the album here on youtube below:

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