NUNSLAUGHTER Red is the Color of Ripping Death


There’s been a long run of old school metal bands releasing new material that has been absolutely killer. We’ve been reviewing a couple of them over the last few weeks. Next cab off the rank is American band Nunslaughter. I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Nunslaughter on the Australian Tour many years ago (2003 I believe) and they put on one of the most brutal performances I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Pure old school delight. Their albums aren’t readily available here, but when I’ve seen anything of theirs I make a point of getting it one.

After the death of their drummer a few years back, I wasn’t holding my breath to hear anything from these guys ever again. I’m glad to say they’re back and it feels like nothing has changed. The new drummer has some incredibly huge combat boots to fill after the death of Jim Sadist, but he does an amazing job. Hit for hit I’d say this guy’s a better drummer. I hope he can grow in to the larger than life personality that their old drummer Jim was. It’s the same glorious old school thrash / death combination with killer riffage and over the top satanic lyrics that we’ve all come to know and love these guys for. The songs all follow an evil theme and fit well together but there’s lots of variation in tempo, some slow and brooding bits, and some fast grind bits to keep it all interesting and lively. This album does not get boring even for a second.

The songs are short and sweet, usually clocking in at 2-3 mins. There’s no filler, no wanky solos, no overdrawn instrumentals. Just METAL!!!! The songs have a punk attitude about them. The riffage and delivery is straight forward, simple and brutal. There lies the secret to the brutality in these songs. No overblown technicality or studio tricks just straight down the line evil shit. There’s heaps of attitude, hate and venom in these songs. Great riff and infectious choruses make this album a collection of memorable sledgehammer songs that will burrow into your brain like some sort of alien parasite.

If you like underground metal, this is a shining jewel to add to your collection. I cannot recommend it enough. It fills me with a sense of satanic joy that after 30 years since the band first formed we still live in an age where a new Nunslaughter album is possible!

The album is out through Hell’s Headbangers Records with whom the guys have been with for a while!

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