Penetrated Cuck Lord

Ok, here’s the new Penetrated / Cuck Lord release. I have to admit some bias here, as a couple of times many years ago I filled in on guitar for Penetrated for a couple of shows and had a couple of the biggest blinders (and best nights) of my life.


Penetrated are an Australian band that play Porno Grind. It’s as simple as that. They are a bunch of sexually fixated deviants. I usually don’t admit to knowing these guys in public. They have however mastered the art of playing strangely addictive grind / old school death songs (think old school Autopsy, maybe even some old school Incantation) that are actually a lot fun to listen to! The guitar tone is thick and sludgy. Most of the songs revolve around excretions of various bodily fluids into the receptacles of monogamously challenged females. It’s tongue in butt cheek stuff, if you’re into that you’ll have a ball. If you’re easily offended you’ll hate this. If you’re not much of a grinder but you can put that aside for a while, you’ll have a great time riffing out to the catchy and infectious (think syphilis) riffs that fill out their songs. Penetrateds songs have a strange accessibility to them which means that people other than grinders will be able to appreciate this.


Cuck Lord are a different entity. I have seen them a play a couple of times (I’m fairly sure on the same bills as my band) and you have to appreciate this band is a one man show. Like literally one dude playing guitar and vocals with backing tracks on drums. It’s also porno grind so these two bands can have a great night playing a show together. I just shudder to think what happens at the hotel after the show. Overall the Cuck Lord songs a are pretty cool. This guy riffs along well, but its the use of drum machines that makes the Cuck Lord side sound a little artificial. Their snare sound grates me a little I have to say. Other than that the songs however are still pretty good and fit within the old school realm of gore metal (think Impetigo, first carcass etc…). This is a little more on the underground edge of grind but that’s cool, you have the more accessible stylings of Penetrated and the more underground edge of Cuck Lord to make an overall pretty cool independent grind split release!

Over all this Penetrated Cuck Lord is a pretty sweet split release . And lets face it, you’re either into this shit or you’re not. As far as the gore grind genre goes I find this a pretty cool bunch of songs. Best give them a listen yourself I reckon. Head over to their Band Camp page and buy it if you like!

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