Pysnonemous - Evolve

It was with baited breath that I put on the new tunes from Psynonemous… I thoroughly enjoyed their last effort and was hoping this one would stand up to or maybe even beat that epic first album. I should state that I know main man Barry personally and I know how much effort went into this recording over a long time and from the minute I pressed play it was clear that all that effort that went into this one was more than justified. Pysnonemous have released something they can be proud of that will challenge and beat some of the biggest metal players in the world. The sound is crystal clear, the production immaculate and the guitar playing is simply phenomenal.

This is progressive, technical death metal at its best it will appeal to fans of Psychroptic but has a more accessible feel with more melodies and other elements like female backing vocals that make the whole thing a little easier to listen to than many of the other extreme bands out there.

The riffage (all guitars and bass were multi tracked by Barry) is endless and the song writing is rather intricate with each song containing a multitude of changes, which really take the listener on journey through the world of shred / death metal guitar intricacies but through out all the multiple riff and tempo changes the songs never loose their listenability which, is a very hard mix of both worlds to get right! the whole album is peppered with some of the tastiest guitar solo’s I’ve heard in a long while, epic keyboard orchestration .and some truely classy acoustic interludes. The drumming is great, handled by Phil, it is tight and suits the songs perfectly not falling into the trap of smothering the songs like many death metal drummers of the present tend to do! I have to say I’m suprised at how good Barry’s voice is on the recording, he has great projection and again it works perfectly for the music.

Its not often that anyone puts out an album that you cannot fault in anyway whatsoever but this is that album. I cannot recommend this one enough to metal fans everywhere and I hope that the album finds the band the success they surely deserve!

I don’t normally give ratings out for albums as I feel that much of an albums success in appealing to a listener comes from personal taste but this one has earned my first ever 10/10 rating …….. simply stunning effort guys!

head over to Psynonemous.vom for the bands official website and pick yourself up a copy of this one and make sure you follow the band on facebook at

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