Metal Mix Tape was lucky enough to catch up with Brendon, guitar player for Canberra (Australia) based Metal band Shockwave. They’ve got a cool sound and some amazing talent in this band. They’ve been busy gearing up to officially launch the band and get out on the live stage, with new songs and a full lineup!
Make sure you keep upto date with whats going on with the band through their Facebook page or their Website as it all unfolds!

First up how have you been and whats been the latest in the Shockwave camp?
Hey Metal Mix Tape thanks for hitting us up for a chat. We’ve been keeping really busy juggling everything in the band plus our personal lives etc. We are defiantly keeping all fronts of our lives bloody busy lol.

How did the band form and how did you meet / assemble the lineup that you have today?
Interesting question but shockwave came from myself and Rob Catanzarriti in the early days. We used to play with another local band called Mattersphere, Those guys have been going great for a long time now in the local scene.
For personal reasons rob and myself decided we wanted something different and left the band. Doug Curry felt the same way and automatically came on board.

Through Facebook and local community notice boards we found Craig Smith to take on drums and his an a absolute gun drummer. After the first jam he was in. Singer spot is still frustrating us though, there’s to much local talent on offer! It’s hard to make the call!

How would you describe the local scene?

The local scene with venue owners etc is really struggling due to the pandemic and restrictions. As far as I’m concerned with the local metal scene it’s great seeing local metal shows mostly selling out. The local metal scene has been holding the venues up so far. I couldn’t be prouder to be a local metal head given the situation.

What the the next steps in the Shockwave list of things to do?
Hahah again caught of guard! The next steps for Shockwave lock in a singer and finalise recording of either an EP or album. We have so many decent show supports on offer. We gotta be gig ready by mid year is our main goal.

What are the influences of the band? What kind of stuff rocks your world now?
We are all so diversified with our music tastes but we would like to think we have the sound of a top 10 metal band happening. Think anything from Bon Jovi all the way to Cannibal Corspe. We let the music take its own course…
We try go to as many local gigs as we can. Last local show was Reign of Terror and Black Mountain.

Any cool stories from the recording of your last album?
Honestly not a lot, we’ve only really just started the recording process, with one song down. Hopefully there’ll be some funny or cool moments to tell you about soon though!

Any cool stories from the last tour or shows?
Yeah too many to run through lol.
Some of the best nights were supporting Artillery and Marty Friedman from Megadeth.
We tend to enjoy the aroma of a great night out with some of the best metal heads around!

What’s the next step in the bands evolution?
The bands aiming to focus on finding a singer. We are really under the pump to decide with the talent on offer. It’s not only local anymore, it’s interstate and some of the people trying out have been huge in the scene supporting some of the top shelf bands around globally.

How are the new songs sounding?
Umm I can’t reveal to much info at the moment, but I’d say it’s going to be something people fall in love with!

What plans for new releases?
We have spent a lot of time thinking of what metal fans want not what we want.

Be sure to keep checking back on on a regular basis for more cool shit that will rock your world!

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