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Well we’re still stuck in Portugal, metal wise. This time its black / Death metal crossover band SOTZ that gets the treatment. SOTZ basically do everything right. Conceptually their lyrics and imagery seem to revolve around their south American heritage, celebrating their Mayan Culture. Unfortunately this point is a little hard to get across through Bandcamp and their facebook profile. I’d like to know more about this, either if they put the lyrics up there or some video clips that further elaborated on this. But thats a side issue. Their album is very well recorded, the playing is impeccable and they cross over a few styles of metal and roll it all nicely into one.

POPOL VUH – Album Review

Their bio describes them as death / black metal crossover. There’s a lot more to this than that. They also utilise many newer influences such as prog, melodic death metal, to my ears some goth and new metal. Even a little screamo. This may not endear them to the “old school” black or death metal fans. OR it may open up a whole heap of doors to the band playing on huge fests, and selling music to a much younger audience. I’d be interested in following this band to see how they go.

I have to say the music is great. If you’re one of those old school metal dudes that just sits in darkness listening to early Bathory, this may not be for you. I have to admit, I’m of that generation but a little open minded -ness and a willingness to listen and you have a great release.

Musically the band is beyond reproach. Everyone in the band has great chops and ultimate control over their instrument. There are some great guitar riffs, some precisely executed buzzsaw guitar bits, some tasty melodies, and some hammering drums. There are some great keyboard bits, and some pretty cool melodic lead guitar breaks. The vocalist is excellent too. IF you can imagine a cross over of old school BM like Dark Funeral mixed in with Newer school stuff like In flames etc… you’d proabably have a decent understanding of where this band is coming from. To my ears this is like a much more controlled version of black metal, than what you might be used to hearing. Maybe even think of bands like Agalloch etc for the mellower parts.


Overall, this is really classy stuff. The band have big things ahead of them if they follow this path. I think its definitely worth your time to at least give the lads a listen on

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