STONUS – APHASIA (album review)


Stonus are a (as the name suggests) a desert rock / garage rock / stoner rock band from Cyprus. They formed in 2015 and started playing shows, and getting busy by 2017. After recording a debut EP this in 2018 this is their first full length. I’m told it was recorded more or less “live in the studio” which means they need to know their material. They combine a few difference influences to create a ‘driving rock’ pulse to the sound with some more psychedelic / stoner /grunge lead guitars. This is not going to be everyone on this sites cup of mushroom tea but if you can listen with an open mind this is pretty good.

Stonus are a five piece. This gives them a depth whilst keeping a relaxed feel to the music. If you’re in the right mood (and that’s just been legalized in this town 🙂 ) you can let yourself in for some epic grooves and riffs that just take you right away. This is actually pretty quality stuff! Production and execution are great on this record. The Biggest influences I can hear for me (as the casual stoner rock listener) would have the Kyuss in the music and for a while the singer sounds like early Ozzy in parts, but pretty original in most others.

The drums and powerful and have a relaxed feel to them for most of the album. The bass is loud and overdriven and fuzzy as hell. The bass and drums combined lay a solid foundation for the droning rhythm guitars. I love it when the lead guitars come in over the top of the rhythm it has a great jamming feel! Very organic sound to this lads!

My Opinion

Again another great release and whilst I don’t think the band are doing anything hugely original they certainly do it well. This is a good addition to a genre that at times can seem overcrowded.


“Aphasia” is set for a March release so keep an eye out for them on facebook and Soundcloud | YouTube | Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram and download or follow if you dig!

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