sun descends black

Ok, first up sorry that’s its been a while since reviews (I met a woman and my band has been recording so everything’s been really busy) but time to focus and get on to the business of metal again, and what better way than the SUN DESCENDS BLACK demo!

I would have assumed this one was black metal by the gothic fonts and black and white artwork but upon listening this is pure old school death metal. Sun Descends Black are are not trying to do anything particularly new, but what they do they do effing well. Sometimes all you just want a blast of the good stuff and this one really delivers. This 6 song (plus one intro) release has immense groove and weight and and heavy as f-ck riffing. The vocals on this are awesome the guy has projection and some real balls behind it and the drumming is tight and what I’d call mid paced with plenty of double kick thrown in keeping everything pinned down nicely.

Overall, I think this is a pretty cool demo and an a very listenable release, it has that genuine demo sound, not very polished or produced but everything is captured well, and sits at the right levels from a mixing point of view. I really want to keep following this band and see them become bigger players in the scene if they stick at it, they definitely have the potential!

Anyway this one is available for streaming on soundcloud so all you gotta do is click this and off it goes… I would recommend for fans of SADISTIC INTENT, RESURRECTION, SINISTER etc…. and also make sure you drop by the bands Facebook page and show the band some loving!

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