Surgery Absorbing the Roots

“Absorbing the Roots” is the new recording from Slovakian band SURGERY… I’d heard of this band, they’ve been around for a while (they formed in 2002) and like many bands took some time to find their feet after a few lineup changes.

The band had already released one CD back in 2012 and fast forward to the present time 2018 the bands second full length recording is sounding quite professional. This recording to my ears puts them in a league well beyond the status that this band has thus far achieved. A great old school death metal groove with a reliance on groovy riffs that sound instantly likeable (not so much on blast beats or needless brutality or extravagence) groove and seems to sit somewhere between fairly old school death metal (to my ears Dying Fetus / Dismember etc..) with Elements of the newer school stockholm death metal which really shine through in the solos and melodic interludes (Inflames etc…) . Over all its a groovy and quite classy affair, and should appeal to both those crowds. One thing I will say about this band is that they have been around a while, but have used their time to create instantly likeable songs that are easy to groove to I have to say, quite instantly likeable.

Best thing I can do is say drop over to their you tube Channel or Facebook page and give this one a listen… and if you like (which you most likely will) give these guys a like and a little support they definitley deserve it!

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