SURGERY DESCENT – (2012) Album Review


This is a re-release from Slovakian death metal unit Surgery.I reviewed their previous effort in this zine as well so it was great to be able to hear new material from the lads!

This is old school death metal at its finest. Sludgey, downtuned and riffy as all hell. As said before this is a re-issue. They must be doing something right if there is a need to repress an album. When listened along side the new album you can see the progression, the music is not that dissimilar to the ‘Absorbing the Roots’ album but the production is far rawer. It gives the listener a chance to see how the band has progressed and grown.

The riffs, oh lordy! The riffs on this are addictive as all hell. Underpinned by a growling distorted bass line and the drumming suits the guitars perfectly. The drums are tight and the kick drums sound absolutely crushing! This vocalist is one solid unit too, nice and gutteral but with great projection! There is a lot of variation in in the music which really helps keep the listener engaged!

For what its worth if I had to pick an album by these guys I’d pick their newer ‘Absorbing the Roots’ but this is still brilliant. Normally I like the sliker sounding death metal albums, but something about the rawness of this really gets me! But either way, we’re argueing about different levels of brilliance here. Both CDs are pretty much essential listening for fans of death metal!

As far as influences go its hard to pick this sits somewhere between Euro-death metal like Vader and such and Florida sounding stuff but it really does have its own sound and pulls in from a number of influences, which is refreshing too! This is another one of those bands that i just can’t say anything bad about them all i can say is go give these guys a listen for yourself and if this kind of death metal is your jam you won’t be disappointed!

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