testament titans of creation

I was excited to hear the new Testament “Titans of Creation” album. In an age where many of the leaders of the genre have either lost their creativity or gone soft its great to see one band who are still keeping the quality standards up high, and keeping the music connected with their old school roots.

From first song through to the last this is musically “Old school thrash” just the recording is clear and crisp and the production brings it into the modern age just nicely. If you liked Testament in the late 80’s I can’t imagine you not liking this one.

One thing that hits me is Chuck Billy’s voice. It’s as strong as ever and sounds like only he can, instantly recognisable, there’s an mistakable strength behind it. I love the feeling of familiarity it brings. The riffage is fairly straight in line with what Testament used to do. Heavy as hell chunky bits and some techy but old school style riffs change it up nicely. But again its great to see the technicality back in the riffage with modern music! The solos … OMG! (Im assuming done by Scholnick) are typical thrash / shred affairs but it fits right in with the music perfectly never coming across as superficial. Gene Hoglans drums are of course next level. He underpins the album with some of the heaviest and fastest beats ever to be featured on a thrash album whilst still maintaining a high level of finnesse. The man is a god amongst drummers and this album only cements that reputation. Musically this flawless. Thrash wise its almost perfect.


I have to say on this album Testament aren’t doing anything new. Maybe that’s why I like it so much! Some times you just want a band to keep doing what they do best, and Testament have done just that. Pace wise it sails along at full speed for a lot of the album, save a couple of songs where they slow down a little towards the middle of the album where bassist Steve DiGeorgio really gets a chance to shine with his noodling bass lines. Either way fast or not there’s no sell out, no dropped tuned nu-metal chords. Just straight ahead thrash metal played like only veterans of the genre can! If you consider yourself a thrasher this is the best thrash I’ve heard this year for sure

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