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With so many great artist featured on here its about time we started doing some playlists! All the artists on here are on here because they are good at what they do… (we don’t feature crap) I’ll try and keep the playlists varied and interesting so keep coming back for more cool shit as the weeks go on and I amass more cool tunes from the bands that have been featured here 🙂

I should say its been a bit of a grind finding music playing software that works on the site, but we’ve finally done it and come up with a solution that works. Now that I know what im doing, I’ll make the next play list a bit more substantial and maybe even introduce the songs 🙂

This weeks tunes are:
LORDS OF SALEM – Rock and Roll Machine
STONUS – Mania

[player id=281]

We’ll be doing more of these so if you’ve sent music through it will be featured soon

Also If you want to be featured head over to the Facebook page give it a like and drop me a message with your song / press kit and if we like we’ll see it featured! – please note at this time time we’re making the mixtapes downloadable, so you have to be alright with that.

Reggae from Reign Of Terror

Hi I am Reggae and I live in Canberra, Australia and I have a metal band called Reign of Terror. I created Metal Mix Tape as a place to provide cool metal info for metalheads and to help anyone who wants to start their own metal band.

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