Thy Despair

Well this was a pleasant surprise! Thy Despair hail from the Ukraine and play a dark symphonic metal somewhat akin to bands like Within Temptation and Nightwish I guess but with a more death metal edge to it with layered female lead operatic style vocals backed with death metal co-vocals to give it a heavier edge than Within Tempation

This three song teaser was released a year ago but its the first I’ve heard of this rather professional and talented bunch of people, and I’m really glad these guys got in touch! For a first release this is phenomenal! Musically I would call this Melodic Death metal with the obvious symphonic overtones that the keyboards bring. Elin’s clean / operatic vocal style soars majestically above the proceedings her voice is flawless and suits the music perfectly. Fiendish death metal vocals underpin the whole thing nicely. The keyboards also manage to lock in perfectly with the guitars complimenting each other perfectly. I have to compliment the drummer on a brilliant performance to his drumming adds to the symphonic effect brilliantly, not overplaying but adding tasty drum fills to give the music a very 3 dimensional feel whilst showing off his chops brilliantly. The guitars are crafted perfectly too great melodic sections and crushing riffs. Musically there is a lot going on but the songs never loose their cohesiveness, which is not an easy accomplishment.

While this is almost the perfect the EP release for a band of this style, I would go so far as to say it transcends the genre and should pretty much appeal to everyone whether this is your genre of choice or not! With a very polished and professional sounding production to top it off everything is showcased nicely. Put simply I cannot say enough good things about this recording and all I can do is emplore you to check the guys out on facebook and listen to their stuff online and buy a disc off them if you can! I can’t wait to hear what the band does next 🙂


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