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Well then this is one of the most important metal albums ever. Black Metal as an album steered heavy metal down a much more sinister path than it had ever taken before. I first heard Venom through their “Singles Collection” Album when I was very young maybe around 1986 after picking up the record at a flea market. This much younger version of myself was attracted to snake skin cover without any awarness what material was contained within.

After hearing Bon Jovi, and Kiss as a young lad (TV METAL) and being drawn in by that sound, I was in no way prepared for the onslaught that the first track “In League with Satan” provided. I think I was like 9 years old at the time and Still going to church on a regular basis. After listening to the album freaked out totally. I then hid it under the bed. Not to listen to it again until I was less fearful of the threat of eternal damnation that ominous slab of vinyl provided.

Fast forward a couple of years and my tastes and progressed from glam rock into metal like Metallica, Megadeth, etc… It was time to give this thing another go. It was pure metallic brilliance. Catchy riffs, demonic lyrics and bad ass attitude that every 13 year old metal head couldn’t help but love! It was time to go back and rediscover the metal ban that started the entire extreme metal genre.


Welcome to Hell (1981) was the first album released by Venom. Put out by Neat records after the release of a couple of well received 7 inch records, It spread through the underground Influencing the young thrash bands like Metallica and Slayer who were just rearing their heads in the bay area of San Francisco at the time. Venom took liberal does of influences from Motorhead, the more vicious punk bands at the time and Judas Priest. The songs were catchy and thrashy. They played upon the satanic imagery the band would become famous for like no other band before it. Black Sabbath was dark, but Venom put the fear of Satan into Parents and Moral Crusaders everywhere like no one before them.


Black Metal from 1982 was next on the agenda for this Newcastle trio. Black Metal was infinitely darker and contained a much darker feel to the music. This for my money is my favorate album of theirs. The musicianship had improved, the pedal had been pushed down to the metal and lifted the extremity level another few notches. The album Black Metal is still credited as single-handedly creating the “Black Metal” genre. While it does differ stylistically from the Black Metal as a genre, It laid the prototype, especially lyrically for the dark feel that the Black Metal Genre would adopt.

The album was far more extreme than anything that had come before it. Whilst Welcome to hell had already influenced the Bay Area Thrash scene this one influenced a new breed of bands like Mayhem, Sadisitik Exekution, Slayer, Darkthrone, Deicide etc… To push metal to its sonic boundaries and lyrical depths of darkness. The Influence of this album would then push its fans to new levels of extremity in the bands they formed in the aftermath of this album.

I Can only recommend you give this classic slab of metal a listen if you haven’t already. Every track on this is a classic. From start to finish this is one evil blast from the very depths of hell! Venom Black Metal is available to stream on You Tube if you haven’t heard it, but really its one of those albums that I think every Metalhead should own.

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