Wings of Funeral

Wings of Funeral are an Australian black metal outfit. This lineup of the band consists of the howling vocals of “Plague” and the musical abilities of “Necrohammer / Thule” on Drums and Guitars. “Wings…” play and old school style of death metal with that “Necro” production and brings back they style of the very early 90’s underground black metal scene. It’s quite suitable and credibile to their personalites as singer Plague has been lurking around the Canberra metal scene for a while now, since the beginning of the black metal scene emerging from the nations capital from the 90’s anyway.

This is a three track demo / EP from the lads. While it isn’t adding anything particularly new to the genre, they do write some catchy tunes that are fun to listen to. Sometimes its good to just cop an earful of the old school shit and these guys do have that down. THe songs (despite the necro production) are easy to listen to and have a cool groove to them. Infact on this occasion id submit the old school demo production actually adds to the recording.

Overall this is pretty cool and I’d recommend any fans of the emerging second wave of black metal that came out of Europe in the early 90s at least give this a listen. It’s a short fun and cool listen that will take you back to the beginnings of the scene!

I look forward to seeing what the lads push out next!

You can listen to the guys yourself on Bandcamp and if you like buy the tunes for download! Be sure to check them out on Facebook as well!!

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